16 November – 8 December 2007




Directed by Jo Castle
Musical direction by Shanon Whitelock, Nick Ng and Ben Murray
Choreography by Heather Scott & Scott Hollingsworth
Stage managed by Sarah Jones

Matt Angelino, Laura Baker, Stef Barney, Alex Burrie, Annie Crestani, Skyah Fishpool, Linda Hall, Justin Harreman, Reanna Hodges, Scott Johnson, Lisa Killeen, Sue Matley, Natasha McKoy, Joanna Mikkelsen, Joel Mikkelsen, Des Moore, Taylor Pearce, Nikki Pearson, Adam Poole, Trish Willing, Ashleigh Youles


21 September – 20 October 2007



Director – Tracey Hutley
Musical director – Nick Ng
Musical director – Kerrie Heath
Musical director – Ben Murray
Stage manager – Luke Hutley
Stage crew – Louise Thompson, Briana Thompson

Ensign Nellie Forbush – Heather Scott
Emile de Becque – Doug McClean
Lt. Joe Cable – Adam Poole
Captain George Bracket – Ian Stevenson
Lt. William Harbinson – Peter Jones
Bloody Mary – Mary Hair
Liat – Natasha McKoy
Ngana – Katelyn Panagiris
Mariah – Kristy-Lee Castle

Luther Billis – Alex Milosevic
Stewpot – Stephen Dorrington
Professor – Mark ‘Buddha’ Dorrington
Seabee Ace Cuepali – Darcy Morris
Seabee Buzz Adams – Brian Garnham
Seabee Quale – Harrison Carter
Seasbee O’Brien – Mark Wansovich

Anne Crestani, Sabrina Marriott, Lisa Killeen, Mimi Seldon , Linda Stevenson, Sarah Jones, Amelia Dennett, Reanna Hodges, Temika Boehm


August 2 – 11 2007

Phoenix Youth Production

Directed by Andy Macfarlane



June 1 – 30 2007



Director: Rhylee Nowell
Musical Director: Matt Dennett
Choreographer: Laura Baker
Assistant Director: Frog Johnson
Publicity Officer: Grant Johnson

Set Design: Gary Rose
Set Construction: Mark Wilson and Braydon Kelly
Additional set design & construction: Gary Rose, Doug McLean, David Mulhearn, Rob Turner, Mark Gudgeon, Joey Amiet
Pigeon Keepers: Mark Wilson and Gary Rose
Scenic Art: Mark Wilson, Frog Johnson, Rhylee Nowell, Grant Johnson, Reanna Hodges, Ashleigh Youles and cast and crew

Stage Manager: David Mulhearn
Deputy Stage Manager: Mark Gudgeon
Stage Crew: Rob Turner, Joey Amiet, Michael Amiet, Anna, Sam Parry

Costume Directors: Leisa Ebdon, Kelly Stolz
Headdresses and accessories: James Ebdon
Sound Design: Peter Banyon
Lighting Operator: Gerry Raymond
Sound Operator: Peter Banyon
Spotlight Operator: Lisa Hamilton
Audio visual design and compilation: Mark Wilson

Props: Rhylee Nowell
Production Assistant: Jai Higgs
Music Associate: Shanon Whitelock

Max Bialystock: Gary Rose
Leo Bloom: Mark Wilson
Roger DeBris: Derek Callaughan
Ulla: Tia Wilke
Franz Liebkind: Frog Johnson
Carmen Ghia: Grant Johnson

Usherettes: Kirby Lunn and Joanna Mikkelsen
Hold Me Touch Me: Natasha McKoy
Mr Marks: Doug McClean

Accountants: Rod Jones, Adam Poole, James Ebdon, Jai Higgs, Simon Whitford, Hamish Weinstein

Not you Showgirl: Erin MacNamara
Showgirls: Kathleen Noud, Angela Fleming, Bree Thompson, Tenielle Jarvis

Bryan: Adam Poole
Kevin: Rod Jones
Scott: Simon Whitford
Shirley: Rhiannon MacNamara
Sabu: James Ebdon
Indian: Doug McClean

Lick Me Bite Me: Joanna Mikkelsen
Kiss Me Feel Me: Reanna Hodges
Little Old Ladies: Angela Fleming, Linda Hall, Jai Higgs, Mimi Seldon, Kathleen Noud, Rhiannon MacNamara, Simon Whitford
Jack LaPidus: Rod Jones
Donald Dinsmore: Simon Whitford
Jason Green: Adam Poole
Folies Girls: Ashleigh Youles, Kirby Lunn, Reanna Hodges, Natasha McKoy
Stormtrooper: James Ebdon
Rolf Jai Higgs
Mel: Doug McClean
Helios: Simon Whitford, Kathleen Noud, Tenielle Jarvis, Joanna Mikkelsen, Bree Thompson
Sergent: James Ebdon
O’Rourke: Rod Jones
O’Houllihan: Adam Poole
Prison Guard: Jai Higgs
Judge Doug McClean
Jury Foreman: Simon Whitford
Prisoners: Rod Jones, James Ebdon, Jai Higgs, Adam Poole, Simon Whitford, Hamish Weinstein
Prison Trustee: Doug McClean


April 20 – 28 2007



Performed by the Phoenix Ensemble Junior Group

Written by Ed Monk

Directed by Jo Castle


Director’s Message:

What a privilege it has been for me to direct such a talented, disciplined group of youngsters. When I chose Goldilocks on Trial as the junior theatre annual production I had some reservations as I knew that this play was not written for children to perform. I did however realise that the Phoenix juniors possessed a considerable amount of talent and my reservations subsided after our auditions for the show. From that very first rehearsal I realised that I have been blessed with a great bunch of children who could rise to the challenge through talent, determination and discipline.

I am very proud of all my cast from every member of the zany, wonderful characters of the jury through to the dedicated principle roles.

I would also like to thank the parents for their commitment to this show. It has been one of the few productions that I have been involved with where I have had all members of the cast at most of their required rehearsals.

As always, I am indebted to Kat for her help and dedication to the children. Also a big thanks to Rob for his constant support with all things Phoenix.

After being involved with the Short Cuts plays performed by Phoenix’s youth theatre, I had the pleasure of working with two delightful, theatre obsessed young ladies, Rhiannon and Reanna. Both girls were only to happy to come on board and expand their theatre knowledge by taking on roles of stage manager and lighting and sound operator. Thanks heaps SM and Sparky!

The cast, crew and I hope you all enjoy the show and we hope you have as much fun watching the show as we have had in rehearsing it.

Judge – Rob Macfarlane
Baliff – Nicola Crawford
DA – Matthew McMahon
Attorney wombat – Abbey Douglas
Goldilocks – Katelyn Panagiris
Papa bear – Zac Brown
Mama bear – Terrene Poyner
Baby bear – Emily Welland
Detective clorox – Renee Welland
Dr cantaloupe – Louise Youles
Little pig – Andrew McLeish
Merwin – Kristy-lee Castle

Brianna Bastin , Kristen Booth, Nikita Brown, Tiffany Brown, Lyndelle Francis . Jeanine Joubert, Gabby Nieuwenhof, Tammy Oldham-Sears, Marcus Thompson, Ashli Welland


March 2 – 17 2007


3 Australian one act plays exploring the many facets of passion.

Love seen in Laundromat by Lissa Benyon directed by Heather Scott
Garbage by Helen Wyngard directed by Frog Johnson
Bombshells by Jane Tara directed by Lisa Killeen