For the longest time, our seating at the Phoenix Pavilion has needed replacing. Covers are broken, arm rests keep falling off and it was practically impossible to squeeze past people if you needed to go to the bathroom.

We’re so proud to announce that we have managed to source, purchase and install new seating into our boutique performance space.
These seat s are made of fabric, rather than pleather , so it will be a much nicer experience for our patrons. They also flip up when not being used, which will allow for more leg room space to allow our theatre-goers to access their seats more comfortably.

To celebrate the installation of our brand new seating, our aim is to get all 99 seats sponsored in recognition of this exciting new chapter in Phoenix’s history.

Donations start at just $50, which will sponsor a seat. In recognition of this donation, we will create a plaque that will be attached to your seat and you will be listed on our website as a seat sponsor.

Please note, that unfortunately this donation is not tax deductible. Also note that this does not automatically guarantee that your seat will be available for you to sit in during a show – you will still need to purchase a ticket.