Unassumingly nestled within Beenleigh showgrounds, Phoenix Ensemble has been producing award-winning community theatre since 1993! From intimate small-cast shows to more elaborate Broadway-style show stoppers ‘The Tin Shed’ has been a heart of the community for over a quarter of a century and has no plans to stop any time soon!

Phoenix Ensemble presents a unique theatre experience in the Pavilion Theatre. This intimate theatre accomodates 99 people in comfortable raked seating giving every patron an up close and personal experience.

Meet the Board

Phoenix Ensemble is a non-for-profit organization that requires 5 members to be elected onto a management committee or board to complete the day-to-day elements of running a community theatre company. These people are voted onto the committee by their members at the AGM and usually complete a 3-year term. Below are the 5 people who are currently the member’s elected officials who have a wealth of information, enthusiasm and knowledge between them.

If anyone has a specific message for a board member – get in contact through the form at the bottom of the page and they’ll respond.

We’re approachable and always looking for new ways to keep one-step ahead of the game. Do you have ideas that you want listening to? Send us a message!