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If you loved the film version of The Wedding Singer but wished there was more singing, more glitter and more 80s references, then The Wedding Singer stage musical is for you!

Phoenix Ensemble presents the hit Broadway show at Beenleigh’s boutique Pavilion Theatre every Friday and Saturday night from 5-27 February.

Based on the hugely popular 1998 movie, The Wedding Singer is the story of wannabe rock star/wedding singer Robbie Hart, whose belief in true love is shattered when he’s left at the altar, and Julia Sullivan, a sweet girl engaged to the wrong guy. The glam and glitz of the 80s forms the backdrop as this pair of unlucky lovers finds and falls for each other.

the wedding singer web 1Director Alicia Caruana said The Wedding Singer musical takes everything that was great about the movie and turns it up a notch, particularly the music.

"All but two songs are original and those two are the most popular from the movie: Adam Sandler's Somebody Kill Me and Grow Old With You. The storyline is very similar with a few additions and surprises to make it feel new and exciting.”

Putting the show together gave Alicia – a child of the 80s – the opportunity to indulge her soft spot for bad perms, mullets and synthsisers.

"The Wedding Singer is littered with every 80's reference and pun you could possibly pack into one show and we've costumed it to match.  There is nothing too ugly or outrageous it couldn't be used.  

"But it's in the music you that you feel the spirit of the 80s come alive. You can really hear the sounds of Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Blondie and The Police in a lot of the tracks. The composers have managed to capture the sound of the 80s and have packed in a cross-section of as many sounds and genres as possible."

Even with all those musical references, the show is more than just an homage to the over-the-top decade.

"Everyone who has ever had their heart broken can relate to Robbie and his story. It's why Somebody Kill Me (sung by Adam Sandler in the film version) is such a hit song."

Alicia says the biggest challenge has been staging such a large-scale show in the boutique Pavilion Theatre.

"Through clever set design, props and a great cast we’ve managed to bring that super energetic feeling you get from a big scale production into a more intimate space. You'll be able to really feel like you’re a part of the action and the story in a way that you wouldn't get from being in a cavernous theatre."

She says audiences can expect to laugh till they hurt, cry, cringe and come out wanting to do the 80s all over again.

"Yes it's full of flashy costumes, bad hair and big laughs but it also has a such a big heart."

Venue:      Pavilion Theatre, Beenleigh Showgrounds, James Street, Beenleigh
7.30pm:    5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 February
2pm:         12 February (Saturday)
Tickets:    Adult: from $28




Robbie Hart - Brock Dunstan (Understudy Alex Thanasoulis)
Julia Sullivan -  Katya Bryant
Sammy - Tyler Stevens
George - Sammy Ge
Holly - Emily Pluckrose
Glen - Stephen Smith
Rosie - Phillipa Bowe
Linda - Jermia Turner
Angie - Shannon Tilley


Brooke Caruana
Jaqueline Moore
Jillian Schuler
Amber Douglas
Liz Voss
Alison Bird
David Harrison
Holly Leeson
Beau Wharton

The Wedding Singer PDF Print E-mail
What's on
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 10 December 2015 14:23

The Wedding Singer is now in full rehearsal.

Opening 5 February, book now!


Cast list:

Robbie Hart - Brock Dunstan

Julia Sullivan - Katya Bryant

Sammy - Tyler Stevens

George - Sammy Ge

Holly - Emily Pluckrose

Glen - Stephen Smith

Rosie - Phillipa Bowe

Linda - Jermia Turner

Angie - Shannon Tilley

Ensemble: Alison Bird, Amber Douglas, Beau Wharton, Brooke Caruana, David Harrison, Holly Leeson, Jacqui Moore, Jillian Schuller, Kyle Breese, Elizabeth Voss.  

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