What people say about us
"A glance through the company’s 2006 performance season reveals Phoenix’s ongoing boldness and diversity… Throw in the company’s busy junior and youth programs and all is very much indicative of the little theatre company that could."
Gold Coast Bulletin Paradise Magazine (February 11-12, 2006)

"Phoenix Ensemble has proven to be a community theatre group who strive for excellence and are extremely enthusiastic about further learning and development. QTC offers their support to Phoenix as a vibrant community group who are committed to nuturing cultural development in their local community through the theatrical arts."
Libby Anstis, General Manager, Queensland Theatre Company (March 29, 2006)

"..this company consistently pushes the boundaries, staging different and entertaining shows of a very high standard."

Kate Peters, theatre writer, Gold Coast Bulletin (October 2005)

"Mercury's Wings is my second favourite theatre company on the Gold Coast, after Beenleigh's Phoenix Ensemble. The two are cut from the same proscenium arch in that they'll have a crack at anything, alleviate limited resources with unlimited daring and imagination, and deserve as much support as Gold Coast folks can muster."
Michael Jacobson, Weekend Bulletin, Paradise magazine, (May 19-20 2007)

"WOW! … we were fortunate enough to be part of the audience who witnessed a production far beyond our expectations … we were thoroughly entertained by a cast of exceptionally talented local actors. Well rehearsed, beautifully costumed, great music and creative lighting and comedically entertaining, sums up my personal opinion of the production.”
Lucky Grills, OAM, comedian (Phoenix Ensemble patron, describing "Sweet Charity", 2004)